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I only wanted a pair of jeans!!!

I needed a pair or two of jeans, as all my other ones had either died a death – think patches upon patches – or no longer fitted comfortably.  Now as I am currently working to lose a bit of weight and tone up, and thankfully beginning to see some changes, I decided it wasn’t worth buying decent, well cut, slightly pricey jeans as  – hopefully – they would be too big in a few months.  Cheap and cheerful seemed the way to go.  All I wanted was everyday jeans for running around in, that I could wear with boots or runners or shoes and with a variety of tops.  Not too difficult a mission you might think.  Well it seems that women can no longer just go into a shop and buy jeans.

Jeans were easy to find in every shop I went into, and I should add here that I hate clothes shopping, but then it got complicated.  I hoped to pick up a size 14 and a size 16 (cos I’m between the two sizes at present), try them on (hoping that the 14 would fit best) and then get a couple of pairs.  No such luck.  I was confronted with what to me was a mind boggling array of options and decisions to make.

Did I want bootcut, skinny, super skinny (not bloody likely), mid flare, mid rise, low cut, straight, mom jeans (actually maybe that was what I was looking for!!), boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans……..  For the love of god I just wanted a pair of jeans!!!!  After a few minutes my head was spinning.  I eventually selected a pair that seemed close to what I had in mind but then the issue of colour arose – just how many shades of blue are there???? woman-pulling-hair-out-clip-art-68089

Exasperated and bored senseless at this stage I grabbed two pairs and paid for them.  I had my daughter with me and as the shop I was in (the fourth shop that day I might add) does not have wheelchair friendly changing cubicles, I didn’t try them on.  Probably just as well.  I went for the 16’s and they are a little big (yay! but not so big that 14’s would have been better) which I don’t mind, but because I’m only 5 feet 2 inches they are rather long on me.  Long to the extent that I can only wear them with boots.  I never thought to check the length.  Feckity feckity feck.  They’ll have to do, I couldn’t face that again.  Jeans





5 thoughts on “I only wanted a pair of jeans!!!

  1. I just hate clothes shopping so I might use this post to my advantage…where did you buy in the end?, those are lovely jeans!

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