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If I ever needed confirmation that I am not a girly girl!

I got it this morning. Anyone who knows me in real life will know that I am not interested in make up – own very little and use it very rarely – nor have I any fascination in fashion and clothes. Not criticising those who are interested in all of this, it’s just not me. However I am rather partial to nail polish. Or at least to buying it, I don’t wear it much now either, in between housework (bleurgh), gardening (yay) and life in general I just never get round to it. But I will still pick up the odd bottle if a colour takes my fancy.

So this morning I decided to catch up on a bit of reading, both online and in an actual book ( 🙂 ) and thought I might paint my nails while I was at it. The whole works now, base coat, two coats of colour and top coat. So I selected an unused colour from my stash, sat down at the kitchen table with book and laptop and started.

Its now nearly an hour later and I am waiting for the top coat to dry on my right hand (so am typing this left handed). My eyes are tired from looking at the screen, I’ve read a chapter of my book and my to do list looks like it might lose out against the clock. Not for the first time!    This carry on just takes too long, no wonder I don’t do it very often.    Oh and you’ll like this – the colour I used is called ‘Keep Calm and Play’.  Is someone taking the proverbial???  Its nice though, isn’t it?

Keep Calm and Play!
Keep Calm and Play!



3 thoughts on “If I ever needed confirmation that I am not a girly girl!

  1. If I had the time I’d not want to spend it on nails. I’m like yourself. I don’t even do much makeup. I went to a party last week and I forgot to put on any makeup! Nice colour though

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