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A big day today and I’m a quivering wreck

Parenting brings with it lots of ‘big days’ – first day at preschool, then at big school etc, and these are bring up a huge swell of emotions for parents. I bawled on my daughter’s first day at preschool – but not until I got back in my car. She didn’t turn a hair when I left. Big school was very emotional but not teary. But today brings another big day for our little family and I freely admit I’m a wreck over it.

Our feisty little big girl is going to overnight respite for the first time. This will be the first time she has stayed anywhere without Mum and Dad. This will be the first time anyone else will have ever put her to bed or gotten her up in the morning. She has been to the respite home a good few times now and loves it, so she is familiar with the place and with the team there. They are well used to her little ways and how she communicates etc. She left on the school bus as normal this morning and won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon.

I know in my heart of hearts she will be fine. Our pixie has always adapted to change well, and while she likes her routine, she can cope with changes. She will be at school today and tomorrow which she adores. But I’m very nervous, I know I am probably projecting, but I keep hoping she settles ok, that she sleeps ok, that she doesn’t get upset and start looking for us.

This is a huge step for us all, for me in learning to let go that little bit more, for our daughter in developing her independence that little bit more and for us as a couple to get used to having free time. We have never had a night away from her together since she was born. I have spent the last couple of days thinking of things to do to keep myself busy. We have been looking for respite care for the last year or so and I know it is a hugely important and good thing. But now that it is really happening……. eeeeek.

I’ll let you know how we all got on.


3 thoughts on “A big day today and I’m a quivering wreck

  1. Oh gosh, I know those feelings so so well. It sounds like she will be fine, and you will be fine too, and soon she will be looking forwards to her ‘sleepovers’ (as I call them) you and your OH will be enjoying the break xxxx

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