Going public with this story..

I have the privilege to be able to call this amazing mum one of my dearest friends. I know how highly she values her privacy. I know it had been unspeakably hard for her to have to go public about her daughter’s illness. Unfortunately parents whose children are very ill or who have special needs are all too often expected to lay their family’s private intimate business out for all to see in order to get the services that should be theirs by right. I am so proud of my friend and so heartsick for her and most especially for her beautiful daughter. This situation has to change. People with cancer should automatically get a medical card. End of.

Lucy fights Cancer 2014-

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am actually a very private person😞
But in this situation, I felt I had no choice but to go public with Lucy’s story!
I know it has been very difficult for family and friends to see Lucy’s photo everywhere and to hear me speak about such private details on the radio!
But I had to do it, I was raised in a household where you worked and paid tax, I would think I am raising my own children with the same attitude
Sadly the one time I have approached the state for support, it has been declined 😞

The HSE issued a statement yesterday, which said “we don’t comment on individual cases…. But they were over the means ”

1. They should not have released that information publicly
2. Of course we were over the means back then, we were both working!

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