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Get Pixie Pedalling – an update

Last August I wrote about a fundraising appeal to purchase a wheelchair tandem bike so that my daughter could go on bike rides with her daddy. You can read about that here

Well, the outcome of that crazy event was that the team from Virginia Triathlon and Cycling Club WON the four-man category in the Race Around Ireland!!!! Yes they won!!!! After cycling from 3pm Sunday until just after 10pm the following Wednesday without stopping – yes day and night – and covering nearly 2200km around Ireland they only went and bloody well won!!!

By the time the team and their hugely important support crew got back to Navan we were all in a state of delirium. I had hardly slept, had totally neglected the housework (ok that wasn’t a hard one for me) and my main achievement every day had been getting our daughter up and out to school. Most of the rest of the time I was glued to my laptop where we could follow the race in real time. Now this wasn’t – obviously – camera footage, this was a tracker with a little black dot for each entrant in the race which enabled us to see exactly where the lads were and more importantly to see if their close rivals were nearby. At times it was practically neck and neck and I think I can safely speak for everyone else involved who was watching from home that the tension was almost unbearable at times. My husband was one of the support crew and we occasionally managed to have brief phone conversations which gave me some idea of what it was really like out there.

There are many many stories that could be told about Team Pixie’s Race Around Ireland. Some of them are probably not suitable to be told here! I am sure that everyone else who was involved in whatever way will never forget that mad crazy week in September when our world shrank to a little dot on a computer screen and mad texts at 3am asking where the lads were and how was it going. For us as parents it was the most incredible time. We are still so touched by the kindness and generosity of people to do something for our little girl.

The fundraising appeal was a huge success and the bike has been ordered and will hopefully be with us very very soon. I know that getting the bike was the main focus for the team and all the club but we are thrilled to learn that the four guys – Johnny, Jimmy, Lorne and Matt – have been nominated as contenders in the Anglo Celt sports awards!! We would love to see them get the recognition they so richly deserve and if you think so too, maybe you’d text Cavan 9 to 57199 (Republic of Ireland only). If they are the overall winners on Jan 30th it would just be the crowning moment on an incredible experience.


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