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Guidebooks for my journey

I’m only a few days into my Year of Living Seasonally, but its been quite thought-provoking so far. One thing I’ve realised is that I’ve actually been thinking – albeit very vaguely – along these lines for a few years. The evidence for that can be found on my bookshelves. I was watching a documentary last night which made me go to check up on something I’d read in a book I have for a few years now. Getting up to look for the book I saw a couple of others that are on a loosely similar topic, and then a few more popped into my head all of which will be useful re-reading for the Year of Living Seasonally project. This morning I gathered them together and spent a good hour leafing through them and realised these books – along with myriad magazine articles, websites I’ve bookmarked and various notes I’ve jotted down over the years – would act as a pretty good set of guides for my journey through this Year of Living Seasonally. The books are Beverly Pagram Heaven and Hearth: A Seasonal Compendium of Women’s Spiritual and Domestic Lore; Sarah Ban Breathnach Romancing the Ordinary: A Year of Simple Splendour and Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, Jane Alexander’s The Natural Year: A Seasonal Guide to Alternative Health and Beauty and a book I adore by one of my favourite writers, Barbara Kingsolver‘s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: Our year of seasonal eating Some of these deserve a bit of time devoted to them, to read and savour. Others are ideal for dipping into each day. Either way, I feel sure I will be using and revisiting them time and again over this coming year. Why not take a look at them yourself?



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