My first cuppa of the day

On weekdays I usually have my first cuppa around 8.30am. By that time, my husband is long gone to work, our daughter is gone off on her school bus, I’ve charged around the house unloading dishwasher, washing machine and if weather is good enough have a load on the line and maybe another load on the go. But by 8.30 I’ve had my breakfast, and can sit down with a fresh cup of tea and either yesterday’s newspaper or the radio (can’t do both at that hour of the day, my brain won’t cope) and just savour it. And I do!

The first cup of the day is always the best for me. I’m strictly a tea drinker, I’ve never liked coffee (not even coffee cake) which is just as well as that kind of caffeine dose would not be a good idea for me. I’m wired a lot of the time anyway so need no help on that front. I take my tea with a good dash of milk and no sugar. I used to take 2 big teaspoons in each mug of tea until I was 12 and then I just stopped. Don’t know why, everyone else in our house took sugar in their tea at that stage. I used to take my tea fairly strong until I was pregnant and then I found I couldn’t stomach it. Seven years later and I still take my tea on the weak side.

So, my first cup of tea. Warm, but not too hot (I think motherhood has accustomed me to having my tea warm, a hot cuppa burns my mouth now), and usually unaccompanied. I don’t drink tea with my breakfast as a rule. My routine is pretty simple, fresh water in the kettle, switch it on, get a mug, throw a teabag in, wait for kettle to boil, add water to mug, stir briefly, discard teabag, add milk. Then sit down and enjoy. This morning was no different until I realised that I’ve been choosing which mug to have my first cuppa out of depending on what my day has in store. Somedays its just one of the collection in the kitchen dresser, bog standard nothing special. If I feel I need a kickstart it will be one of the big mugs which were sent to me from Arizona and hold nearly 3/4 of a pint. OF TEA. But its often a choice between a mug I had printed up with my business logo and name a couple of years ago (when I was thinking of setting myself up as a consultant – one of those great terms that often doesn’t mean a whole lot!) and a mug that my daughter got me for Christmas a couple of years ago (with some help from her daddy). photo (3)

This one just melts my heart a little bit every time I see it. Yes, I’m a softie really. But going back to my earlier comment about choosing a mug, I’ve realised that if I’m planning a day of blogging, cooking, gardening and house based stuff this is the mug I tend to go for. If its a day of teaching, community work, meetings etc, then its usually the business one. And on the days when I’m all in a heap and have no idea what’s coming, its whatever mug comes to hand!! Aren’t the messages we send ourselves interesting though? Oh and today’s first cuppa? In my Queen of Mummies mug….. and it was divine 🙂photo (4)


2 thoughts on “My first cuppa of the day

  1. Hello, it is lovely to read your blog and to see your interest for parenting! I would like to invite you to a special event for children and parents, could you contact me please? You have my address in the comment details. Thank you and looking forward to get in touch!

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