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Carting around crap – decluttering my handbag

I’ve been doing a bit of a declutter this week. Actually I started it as part of the 40 days 40 bags challenge but got sick around Easter and that kind of dragged on in various guises until early June. So I got stuck into again this week. While emptying out the piles of junk that had accumulated in the bottom of my wardrobe, I came across a gorgeous handbag I had bought in a charity shop. And never used. Hmmm. It occurred to me then that my everyday handbag was probably in need of a bit of a declutter too, and that that would be a good reason to stop for a teabreak. Another one.

So downstairs I went and started emptying my handbag. That would be this one that has clearly seen better days. black handbag So what did I find? I took this after I had emptied it all out and binned a few things before the idea of this blog post occurred to me and no way was I rooting in the bin for them. contents of handbag June 27 2014
I discovered that apart from the obvious things – my purse and diary – I was also lugging around:
1. Half a packet of spearmint Polos. Hate to think how long they are open!
2. Six packets of tissues. I do get hay fever, but six, really?
3. A slate wall plaque for my daughter’s bedroom which says “I love you to the moon and back”. Which I bought a fortnight ago.
4. A stack of forms that I have to fill in. None of which I picked up in the last day or two.
5. Another lot of papers that have to be filed.
6. A third lot of paper that is for recycling.
7. A tube of handcream
8. A lipsalve
9. Three tampons. Oh come on, you have some in your handbag too.
10. Three pens. Only one of which works.
11. Three bankcards that had fallen out of my purse. And I hadn’t noticed.
12. A cheque book
13. Three packets of paracetamol. No I wasn’t planning anything, I clearly needed some at some stage and couldn’t find the others in the depths of the crap carrier that was my handbag.

In total then I had thirty-four separate items in the bag I was carrying around at all times. Oh my phone is usually in there too so make that thirty-five. No wonder I have an ache in my shoulder.
So I decluttered it. All the crap went in the bin (add in an empty packet of peanuts and two wrappers from small bard of Milky Bar bought to placate my daughter while we were shopping), all the papers have been either filed, recycled or actioned. The wall plaque is now in my daughter’s room. Not on the wall yet but hey give me time. Five of the packets of tissues and two of the packets of paracetamol are in the bathroom. The bankcards are back in the purse, the cheque book is in my desk drawer.

Then I took a long hard look at the bag itself. The lining is torn, the zip on the front pocket is broken. The strap is a bit tatty and the whole thing has that battered unloved look that my handbags seem to acquire after a while. So I binned it. And I brought the lovely new one downstairs.Green handbag

This now contains my purse, handcream, tampons, 1 packet of paracetamol, ditto tissues, 1 pen. And my phone when I am going out. I realised that I probably don’t need to carry my diary everywhere I go. Its a hell of a lot lighter and neater and easier to find things. But why do we – cos I bet I’m not alone – carry so much crap around with us? Is it a comfort thing, like a security blanket? Is it because we think we might need some of this stuff at some stage? Or is it that it just becomes a receptacle that the flotsam and jetsam of our lives ends up in? In my case I think its definitely the latter.

Ok sisters its over to you. What’s in YOUR crap carrier? Feel free to hashtag #crapcarrier on any social media with your list or a pic. Go on, I dare you!


5 thoughts on “Carting around crap – decluttering my handbag

  1. I used to get totally stressed out by the crap in my handbag so I’m now one of those annoying Mia Tui converts, with everything in a zip bag or pocket… I’m also still doing the decluttering challenge, and finding it very satisfying šŸ™‚

  2. Every goddamn handbag I have has tampons in it except my new one as I discovered this morning when I was down in my sister’s holiday house in Wexford alone! Moral. Leave the tampons in the bag. Oh and I have equally as much crap and I do periodically clean mine out šŸ˜‰

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