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Is being busy all the time good for you?

I’m perpetually busy. Some of the things that keep me busy are routine things that have to be done – housework etc., my daughter’s appointments, others are more interesting – college, a small amount of teaching, community groups I am involved in (possibly too many of them) and still others are things I would love to spend more time on – my history research, my garden…. So my time is pretty full. It’s rare enough that I find myself with a half hour that I can take off and not feel guilty for not doing something else. I had one of those rare times today. After getting herself up and off on the bus at 8am, I got myself sorted out bag packed up and off to Navan for a new class (which went really well) then down to Blanchardstown to get swim gear for F and I for Monday (she’s starting swimming with school and I am going along to help out). Got home with 35 mins to spare before she arrived back after school. So instead of tackling the laundry or the myriad of other tasks that are on my never-ending to do list I made myself a cuppa, and sat down with a chocolate bar and a good book. For a whole half hour I just sat and relaxed. What’s seldom is wonderful!

But it made me wonder if being busy all the time is good for me? Its not a new thing, I’ve always been like this. It can cause problems in that I get a name for being busy – and then I get asked to do more things “load the willing donkey” and so I get busier with things that maybe I don’t want to devote so much of my time to and so end up with less time to do the things I really love or just to have time to stop for a while. And THAT cannot be good. So there’s the answer to my question I think. But how to change that? Well, maybe taking half an hour a day to just be rather than to do is a start. Watch this space!

Today’s #100HappyDays pic 30 minutes down time


2 thoughts on “Is being busy all the time good for you?

  1. I firmly believe that we all need time out. I think when we are too busy we do not pay attention to our own mental and physical health, so each day I try to allocate guilt free time to “doing nothing”. In other words when I sit in the sitting room at 11am watching some crap on tv for a half hour I think to myself, “I am doing this for my family!”. 🙂

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