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Every little thing she does is magic…..

So carrying on from yesterday’s post about the #100HappyDays project, the thing that made me happy today was reading my daughter’s communication book from school. We rely on this to find out what she did at school each day, what went well or not so well and what kind of mood she was in. Her teacher is great at sharing news with us. Fionnuala's communication book
Fionnuala is not able to tell us what happened at school each day, although she is coming out with new words all the time and her communication is really coming on well. Actually she is doing great overall. Her motor skills (both fine and gross), her mobility, her speech, her understanding, everything. We had no idea how her developmental journey would pan out and while she has global developmental delay (that means she is delayed in every area of her development) and is probably like a neurotypical 2 year old in a lot of ways, we often forget that. She is just our amazing Fionnuala, developing at her own little pace in her own little way.

At times its hard to focus on the good stuff, my experience of motherhood has been radically different from what I had expected and I’d be lying if I said I don’t find it hard sometimes when I see all the things children far younger than Fionnuala can do that she can’t. But I do try to learn from her everyday. She is a genuinely happy little girl, very loving, very affectionate and at times quite a wee monkey too! She is feisty and determined and never gives up. I could learn a lot from her, I just need to remember to do so.


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