What angered me most about Slane Girl episode

What has angered and upset me the most about the whole Slane Girl episode are these things:

1. The clear evidence that the double standard still exists and seems to be thriving amongst a generation who I had hoped might have some sense of gender equality

2. The level of vitriol directed at one very foolish and quite probably very drunk young girl because of course everyone else has never done anything stupid in their lives

3. One particular platform where a person (couldn’t tell if they were male or female from their username) firstly called the girl a slut and a whore for doing what she did and then a matter of minutes later was expressing sympathy for the male on the receiving end of the sex act because she (Slane Girl) was not doing it right. So she was being vilified for being sexual and then being vilified for her technique.

4. But the one that upset and angered me the most was the amount of women – and I am talking here about women in their late 20’s and upwards so not young teenage girls – who attacked this girl in the most vile judgemental manner yet did not criticise either the males directly involved or those who took and shared the pictures all over social media. Comments like “she deserved it” (i.e. that she deserved to have her name and the town she lives on social media for anyone to see) “slut-shaming” “I’d kill her if she were mine”. Also some women saying that because there were two males involved that makes her behaviour even worse and hence it was more acceptable to attack her. Just saw another one saying “I hate what that girl did it turns my stomach and possibly made a show of the country”. No, what’s made a show of the country is the behaviour of those who shared the pictures, those who condemned that girl and those who cannot see that what they are doing is bullying.

There also seems to be an tacit acceptance that society operates double standards and “sure that’s just how things are” so therefore things will never change and why should we even bother getting worked up over it. No. We are society. I don’t accept that kind of attitude and I will challenge it.

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