Special Needs

Growing pains – for Mum anyway

I always considered myself to be pretty good with words, I like words, I like learning new words, I like showing that I have expanded my vocabulary. And I will be 42 in a few weeks! But sometimes I find that while I know the definition of a word, I might not fully understand the reality of that word. Well today I finally understood a word I’d never used much before – wistful.

Yes, wistful, a word that if I had ever really thought about it I would have associated with tormented heroines in Victorian melodramas. The OED definition of wistful is “having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing”. Well that just sums up perfectly how I feel right now. I don’t recall ever feeling any way that I would have described as wistful before.

So what brought this on? We were sitting on the sofa earlier with our giggly chatty little girlie when her Daddy spotted she was missing a tooth. A tooth!! Yes she has lost her first baby tooth aged 5 years and nearly 9 months. We didn’t even know it was wobbly 😦 I initially panicked and thought she’d knocked it out somehow but no, our baby is growing up.

And the wistfulness I hear you ask? Well, after we got a pic of the gap and gave her lots of cuddles (which bemused her somewhat as she hadn’t a clue what was going on) it occurred to me that the traditional thing to happen tonight would be for the tooth fairy to pop a coin under her pillow (with a little help from Dad & Mum). But that won’t be happening here, she doesn’t understand what has happened, money means nothing to her and we’d be worried that she’d swallow the damn coin (as we think she did with the tooth). Another little ritual of growing up that our darling girl won’t be participating in. But I’m not really sad or upset over that, just a little…. well, wistful.


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