The weather is exquisitely beautiful at the moment, hazy sunshine, scarcely a cloud to be seen and those that are around are the merest wisp of chiffonesque whiteness merging into the bluest sky I have seen in weeks.  The weather most definitely affects my mood but I’ve only come to realise just how much in the last year or so.   

Our two cats are enjoying the sun.  Garfield who is about 8 months old is a recently neutered ginger tom and very striking and handsome in his markings.  He was found as a tiny kitten in an old shed with 3 sickly siblings, all of whom died.  Garfield came to live with us and we bottle fed him for a few weeks. At that stage he was so tiny he could fit into my hand.  Now he is a strapping boisterous teenager (in cat terms) and is still very playful and affectionate.

Muffin is a far more recent arrival,  she turned up on our windowsill one cold Sunday night about 3 weeks ago.  A cute mix of white, ginger and touches of charcoal, she decided pretty quickly that she was onto a good thing with us and so she has stayed.  Our vet thinks she is about 4 months old and we fear she was dumped.  It sickens me that anyone could do that to an animal.  Muffin and Garfield are still sussing each other out.  For the first week or so he wouldn’t go anywhere near her, yet she would approach him.  Gradually they have moved onto a stage where they will lie near each other and sunbathe but they are still not what you might call buddies! 

Still a little camera shy....
Too nosey to pose!!

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