Just something to ponder…

…..  is housework really houseWORK when machines do a lot of it for us??  I own  – and frequently use – a washing machine, breadmaker, and tumble dryer.  Used to have a dishwasher but that went when I realised how much electricity it used up.  There was an article on the radio this morning about how women are not as fit now as they were 50/60 years ago because they are doing less housework which requires physical effort.  Now I’m not for one minute suggesting we go back to the bad old days of washing everything by hand – heaven forfend! – but I do wonder if all these labour-saving devices (and THERE’S a term that dates me 🙂 )are actually such a good idea.  Hmmm.  Must ponder this one some more.    I can’t find the link but I’ll post it when I do.

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