Back again

Have been feeling very snowed under of late with various things and so have been neglecting the things that give me the most pleasure. And I include my blog in that as it is a little bit of time for me and no-one else 🙂 So what’s been happening?

Well we have a new government in Ireland, a Fine Gael/Labour coalition, I’m not madly enthused by it, I feel that FG and Fianna Fáil are really just two sides of the one coin. I have a lot of time for the Labour Party but let’s just wait and see how things pan out.

The weather is as changeable as my mood, we had a glorious week last week, sunny bright brilliantly clear days. I even managed to get the grass on the upper garden cut last Saturday for the first time this year. The primroses are in bud and hopefully that area of the garden will be full of their buttermilk and cream gorgeousness in a few weeks. Daffodils are buddng everywhere, crocuses are starting to pass over, we didn’t have as many bloom this year as previous years. The forsythia is in full colour, a vibrant yellow which certainly brightens up a dismal damp March day such as we are having today. The latter half of this week has been very miserable – lots of rain, hailstones yesterday and so cold. The skies are a desolate pale grey and feel rather like a vile scratchy blanket that has been forced around us but which offers neither comfort nor warmth.
Am hoping for the sun to re-emerge, this incessant bleakness does nothing for my disposition.

Yet I can still hear the birds chirping and tweeting away – I can’t identify them by their song but I would love to be able to.

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