€4,000 per week!!!!

Just read a review in Sat’s Irish Times of a new book by Dearbhail McDonald on another aspect of how Ireland is/has been screwed over financially Whiter than White? and one thing really leapt out at me:  Fiona Nagle claimed in a court case that she needed €4,000 per week for her day-to-day expenses.  I can’t think how I missed this one before, but honestly, what planet is she living on???

And it appears that she’s still living  – to quote a former Taoiseach – way beyond her means in the big house in Glenageary – lots of work still going on apparently! O”Brien sued by kitchen business.

Ok I am really NOT jealous of this woman’s life I would not want that kind of stress – I have plenty of my own thank you kindly – but how have we as a country, as a people, as a planet come to this situation where a proportion of our fellow human beings genuinely seem to think there is nothing wrong with having  – or pretending to have – that kind of money?  I do think it is obscene that Fiona Nagle feels she needs €4,000 per week to meet her day to day expenses when many other women in this country are struggling to make ends meet.  And I don’t mean that they can’t afford ot get hair or nails etc etc done or buy yet another bloody handbag that costs hundreds of euro (and if anyone can explain THAT to me I’d like to hear it!).  I mean that women all over Ireland are struggling to pay 3 months car tax to keep their cars legally on the road so that they can take children to school, they are struggling to provide all the various bits and pieces children need for school, and some are struggling to heat their homes adequately and are dreading this coming winter.

Ok, rant over.


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